Wi-Fi Hotspot

The default Wi-Fi hotspot "Outdoor-WiFi-xxx" and it is non-encrypted.

Wireless Overview

After accessing the router admin panel, go to "Network > Wireless" to check the Wi-Fi status.

  • Ra0 - MT7615E 802.11bgn is the 2.4GHz WiFi module SSID: Outdoor-WiFi-xxxx-V4 is the 2.4GHz hotspot

  • Rax0 - MT7615E 802.11anac is the 5.8GHz WiFi module SSID: Outdoor-WiFi-xxxx-V5 is the 5.8GHz hotspot

  • SSID | Mode: Client is the Wi-Fi relay connection. It's not visible until set up the Wi-Fi relay.

  • Associated Stations are the active Wi-Fi networks and their working status.

You can turn off both client and master SSID by clicking the "Disable" button. And re-active it by clicking the "Enable" button.

Edit Wi-Fi Hotspot

On the above wireless overview page of "System > Wireless." Click the "Edit" button on the row of related SSID to enter their configuration page.

i. Basic Wi-Fi Settings

In the General Setup tab, you can monitor the network status and configure Wi-Fi operating mode, channel, bandwidth, and transmit power.

Suggest using default settings unless there is a conflict.

After connecting to a Wi-Fi relay, the Wi-Fi master SSID's Mode, Channel, and Width will be locked to the same settings as the connected Wi-Fi relay network.

If other 2.4GHz Wi-Fi hotspots are nearby, do not use 40MHz on "Width," and do not turn on "Force 40MHz mode" on the advanced settings.

ii. Wi-Fi Country Code

In Device Configuration, click Advanced Settings, check the Country Code field, and select the corresponding country code.

It is essential to ensure the Wi-Fi hotspot on your router meets the legal regulations in your country. The other configured Wi-Fi networks will use the same device settings.

iii. Wi-Fi SSID & Password

In the Interface Configuration section, click the General Setup tab. You can edit the Wi-Fi hotspot's name on the ESSID field.

Click the Wireless Security tab to enter the encryption section and configure the Wi-Fi password.

  • Encryption: Select an encryption method. The last option, "WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Mixed Mode," is recommended for home and small office networks.

  • Cipher: The "Auto" option is recommended.

  • The Key is the Wi-Fi password. Input your password without space. Special characters are supported. The minimum length is eight characters.

  • Other default settings are qualified for general usage.

Enable the checkbox of Hide ESSID to stop broadcasting the Wi-Fi hotspot but maintain the Wi-Fi connection. To connect a new device, you should manually input the WiFI SSID and password when ESSID is hidden.

Wi-Fi Relay

You can connect the 4G router to another Wi-Fi hotspot to get a backup Internet connection or extend the current Wi-Fi network. Go to "Network > Wireless" and open the wireless overview page.

The outdoor router will create its subnet, like connecting to an internet modem. The LAN interface on the outdoor router must be set in a different subnet than the Wi-Fi hotspot you are connecting.

We can repeat the above operations and connect to multiple Wi-Fi hotspots. Please use a different "Name of the new network" and set the firewall to "WAN."

If you fail to set up a Wi-Fi relay connection, go to "Network > Wireless," delete the "SSID | Mode: Client," and repeat the above operation.

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