LTE Signal Strength

Good 4G LTE mobile signal quality is fundamental to getting a stable and fast internet connection over the mobile network.

Mobile Networks Mode

There are various mobile networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, and even the newest 5G NR networks. Please take note of the signal bars and the symbol in the status bar of the mobile phone and compare them with the chart below.

Signal Strength

We should input a "Fair" signal level for the 4G router (refer to the chart below), which equals approximately 2-bar 4G LTE signals on a mobile phone.

You can run a basic test on a mobile phone. Insert the SIM card used on the router on a mobile phone. Go outdoors with a mobile phone. Disable the Wi-Fi connection and check the network type and signal bars. Then, choose a location with a strong and stable 4G-LTE signal reception. Please refer to the signal test tutorial for more information about the signal test.

The numerical value of 2G and 3G networks is RSSI standard.

The LTE network is RSRP standard. RSRP is Reference Signal Receive Power.

The signal values are negative numbers. The number that is closer to zero means a stronger signal. For example, -90dB is stronger than -100 dB.

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